If you’re tired of working a job that limits you, if you’re looking to do something with your time that you enjoy, if you’re looking for a side hustle to help bring in some extra cash or if you want to build a career that generates income while you sleep, then you’ve come to the right place. 

In today’s economy, more and more people are looking for opportunities to make money online doing something they LOVE. Whether it’s providing a service to others, selling other people’s products or even creating your own products, the internet has a vast number of such opportunities that you can do in your spare time. I came across a similar opportunity that allowed me to work my day job, while investing a few hours a week to build an online business. 

The most important thing for me was being able to work my own hours, doing something I enjoy and believe in. I was tired of spending all my good waking hours, on building someone else’s dream. I wanted to take tangible action towards building a life that I love. Getting to spend time with my husband and children was my priority.  We were like passing ships and I wanted that to stop. One of my favourite inspirational authors is Napoleon Hill and in his best-selling book “Think & Grow Rich” he states “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” With that in mind, I started to research what options were out there to help me. So here it is…

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

– Napoleon Hill

What type of business can you run part-time?

Since you’ll be looking to do something during your spare time, finding something you enjoy, believe in and you feel confident selling is important.  Robert Kiyosaki, famous author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” states, you should start with anything that is very product-driven and extremely easy to fulfill on. You want to do something that doesn’t take up too much of your time with customer service and support, else that defeats the whole point.

1. How to get started with Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a business model that can work around your job. It’s a great business idea to start with. What is it? Well, here you sell other businesses products and get a commission for your marketing efforts. You don’t even do any fulfillment or delivery. As an affiliate, there’s no glass ceiling. You can sell as many different products, from many different companies and make commissions from all of them.  It creates multiple streams of income from various sources. You sell as much as you want and the added beauty is that you have access to a global marketplace and it’s open and running 24/7, 365 days a year. So even when you’re at work or sleeping, you are busy growing your income as you grow your sales.


2. How to get started Selling with E-commerce?

We’ve all seen businesses that sell products online or YouTubers that have successful channels that sell their own merchandise. Well, that could be you? You can setup your own E-commerce website and start selling physical products within a few weeks – it all depends on how committed you are to follow the steps. The awesome thing with physical products is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. People already know what they need or want to buy, you just need to promote and position your product in front of the right buyers. Once you’ve found a viable product to market, you can order existing products in bulk at a fraction of the cost and then set up a sales system. You can even go one step further and learn how to find manufacturers for your own product ideas, brand them and sell them online to a global market – much more scalable than a local corner store.

Amazon is the # 1 online shopping space on the internet and with opportunities like Amazon FBA, they will do the heavy lifting for you. They process payments, packaging, distribution and customer service – could it get any EASIER?!  All you focus on is selling the products by setting up marketing and ad campaigns to make those sales happen. This can all be done around your job or family obligations in just one or two hours a day.


3. How to get started learning Digital Skills?

I think the most compelling part to starting an online business, is the digital skills that I’ve learned. Can you imagine, within in a few days, I had a working functioning website up. I was able to start various social media channels and expand my reach. I took courses on how to become a successful email marketer, how to create and use social media, how to write good marketing pieces, how to create video content and present it authentically and much, much more. With the advancement of technology, these skills are going to be critical to staying relevant and useful in the digital economy. You too will have access to these trainings and once learned, you can use those very skills to market yourself and service others by building their websites, teaching others what you learned, helping others do effective marketing online, setting up their e-commerce sites, etc.  The opportunities are endless.

Anything else I should consider?

Whatever path you decide, once you start taking action, things will get better, become more automatic and you’ll start to see your income increase.  Yes, it takes effort and time, but once you know the steps, you just rinse and repeat. This is where all the best internet marketers started – doing online sales. Your confidence will grow and soon you’ll be able to work backwards to figure out how many sales you need each week or month to eventually replace your income and give you the option to quit your job and spend more time with family, should you choose. Now, how much is that worth to you? Knowing you can control your financial future?

I often find in the online space, people looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, a 1-stop pill to solve all life’s problems…well, this isn’t it. Choosing to start an affiliate marketing business, or your own service or e-commerce business takes consistent effort, but as with all things it will pay off. It can take from days to months to make your first 10 sales, but once you’ve gotten over that hump, your sales will blossom as your message becomes more refined. I’ve seen this happen over and over again.

If you are serious about getting a business started from scratch and you’re looking for a genuine way to do it around family and work obligations, then look no further. Without breaking the bank and by investing 2 hours a day, you have the potential to earn money online doing something you enjoy.

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