There are many paths to take on this journey called Life.  Many times what gets in our way from enjoying the journey is our perspective.  The way in which we see a situation, affects how we will respond to it.  If we see it as negative, then we most likely will associate negative thoughts and emotions to it which will hinder the opportunity for us to grow.  Once we see a thing as negative, our natural fight or flight response kicks in and we respond accordingly.  We become defensive, fearful, cautious and closed off.  With these behaviours we become trapped in a downward spiral of negativity and once we expect the worst or ponder about it, we end up creating it.  We end up creating something we really don’t want.

Conversely, if we shift our perspective to a positive one, we are able to see the best in any situation.  We understand that the situations that happen in our lives are to bring us into a deeper awareness of self.  All of life’s experiences are lessons for us to learn and grow from.  Having a positive attitude towards life opens up the cosmos to bring to you the positive you desire.  It allows for us to walk in peace and joy.  There’s no resistance as we understand that ALL things are here to make us stronger, wiser, and better people.  If you train your mind to meditate on those things that are good and true and to be grateful in ALL situations, then you’ll never be thrown off track with life’s curve balls.  You’ll have a key tool, which is your positive mind, to help control the things you say, do and feel.

Isn’t it amazing how much power you hold?  To be able to change an outcome based on the perspective you take on it.  I challenge you today to become aware of your thoughts and the perspectives you have on the situations or people in your life.  You are the only one causing yourself pain and suffering when you make the wrong choice to see a matter.  You are the one thing hindering yourself from the blissful life you desire.  Envision it within the mind and it will soon form your reality.

Change your perspective, change your life!